Special Publications

Two new reports, Nondestructive Evaluation of Wood, Second Edition and Wood and Timber Condition Assessment Manual, Second Edition, have been published by the Forest Products Laboratory. Every attendee will receive complimentary electronic and printed copies of these publications.

Nondestructive Evaluation of Wood, Second Edition

This edition of Nondestructive Evaluation of Wood builds upon the first edition with some important new chapters:

– Ultrasonic nondestructive testing methods;
– Piezoelectric effect in wood;
– Urban tree assessment;
– Nondestructive evaluation of raw forest materials;
– Laser scanning of logs and lumber;
– Laser scanning technologies for evaluation of historic, covered timber bridges.

In addition, the chapter on mechanical grading methods for structural lumber has been updated, and two new appendixes contain digital copies of all proceedings from the International Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation of Wood Symposia Series—approximately 7,500 pages on the development and use of nondestructive testing and evaluation methods for wood, wood products, and wood structural systems.


Wood and Timber Condition Assessment Manual, Second Edition

This widely used manual has been updated in several important areas: 

– Updated chapters on visual inspection, drilling/coring/probing techniques, and stress wave timing techniques ;
– Significantly modified chapter on post-fire assessment of structural members, with new material on the use of nondestructive testing techniques in post-fire condition assessment;
– New chapter addressing estimation of allowable properties for in-service wood.

An example condition assessment report and summary reports from several interesting inspections are still included. 

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